Course Smoking Bans

Courses in the OGC Collection Ban Smoking

Hot, isn’t it…  

Due to the continuous dry weather and the arid grass we are all experiencing, both on the fairways and the rough, many of the courses in the OGC Collection have now banned smoking on the course and within their grounds.

We obviously don’t have to explain the reasoning behind these decisions, cigarettes/cigars and dry grass are uncomfortable bedfellows.

Please ensure that you check with the clubhouse where you are playing before lighting up on the course.  

Better still, why not be ultra-safe in these conditions and refrain for the duration of your round, whatever course you are playing. 

Whilst we have your attention, please also remember that the extreme heat is dangerous to your health. If you are playing in the hot weather, please ensure you take lots of liquids and keep hydrated.

Stay safe.

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