Membership Rules

R&A – The Etiquette of Golf


1.1- This information is designed to allow every One Golf Club (hereafter called the ‘Club’ or ‘OGC’) Member to enjoy their time as a Club member with a clear understanding of what constitutes acceptable conduct both for them and their fellow players and guests. It is expected that all will abide by these Rules and Regulations and will encourage others to do the same.

1.2- These Rules and Regulations are complementary to the Club’s Articles of Association. In the event of any conflict the Articles shall take precedence. A copy of the Rules of Golf are available via our website.

1.3- Use of the website constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out below.


2.1- One Golf Club. The Club is a member’s club and all information relating to the Club, its officials, website and data is privileged and should not be published, copied, printed or communicated in any form. One Golf Club Limited and One Golf Club are trademarked under a Trade Mark Application with the Trade Mark No. pending. Any infringement of the trademark will be considered a breach of the rights reserved by One Golf Club Limited and its group of companies.


3.1- The Club will manage, provide and administer the reservation of tee times with associated golf courses to allow its members the right to play the associated courses without further requirement to pay green fees when presenting their valid photo ID card. The Club encourages all members to participate in the Clubs activities, competitions, events and social functions. QUALITY, INCLUSION & VALUE are our key principles. The Club aims to offer a wide variety of golf related activity to its members at privileged rates, with the sole aim of growing the concept and securing the members golfing pleasure for years to come.


4.1- When appropriate the management team will request members to apply for roles as team leaders to encourage social events, competitions society days and assist the management team in their efforts to make the experience as a Club Member more rewarding.


5.1- The Board of Directors determines policy and governs the Club in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Company Law. The management of the Club, on a daily basis, is vested with the Board of Directors with the support of Team Leaders of the Club. The Board delegates responsibility for certain Club activities to respective Directors who are free to seek support from the membership to carry out these responsibilities. Currently these activities are Membership & Rules, Course & Golf, House and Social. The Board meets regularly (generally monthly) but also on an ad hoc basis to address any urgent issues that may arise.  Team Leaders dealing with specific areas of responsibility also meet as required.


6.1- These are full Members of the Club and are entitled to full rights and privileges, but subject to course restrictions and in accordance with our terms and conditions with the associated courses. Membership does not automatically award the right to play if tee times are not available; the course is closed for repair or any unseen circumstances.

6.2- There is no refund of subscription fees in the event play is not possible. The OGC management team have the right to amend the portfolio of courses from time to time without prior notice or refund to members. Membership benefits are offered upon payment of the relevant annual subscription. Members will be invited to re-new their membership up to 30 days prior to the expiry date of their current membership and subject to any change in terms and conditions of the Club.

6.3- The management team reserve the right to refuse membership either on application or at renewal subject to our criteria and terms and conditions. The management decision on admittance to the Club is final and will not be subject to appeal. Membership is by invitation only and there is no right of appeal if a membership application is refused.


7.1- A Club Member of whatever category may resign his or her membership at any time by letter addressed to the Board. No reason for resignation need be given. No refund of fees (in whole or in part) will be made on resignation of membership. Membership is non transferable. Course restrictions may change during a membership year and are at the sole discretion of OGC. No refund of an annual membership fee (or pro rata) will be made in the case of a course restriction which was not in place on 1st May but subsequently introduced.


8.1- The member will, PRIOR to making a reservation with the portfolio club, check the website for availability of the tee time required and ensure that the booking does not exceed the tees available and is in accordance with the OCG fair usage policy.

8.2- Failure to consult the website prior to booking may result in cancellation of the reservation or request of a full payment of the green fee by the golf course for each additional player booked.

8.3- After checking the website for availability, the member must contact the course (save any restrictions noted on the website) and request a tee time. The member will enter on the website the person of whom the reservation was made with at the Golf Course. Once a tee time has been confirmed, the tee time and associated details must be entered onto the OGC website within 1(ONE) hour of reservation. Booking of tees with the courses MUST NOT be booked more than 2 weeks in advance of the desired playing date. Note: Some courses as listed within the ‘reservation’ page have different advance booking arrangements for tees.

8.4- The member will not allow any personal information or data to be disclosed or used by any other person or persons other than the member.

8.5- Only 1 tee time may be booked by the member, consecutive tee time reservation must be authorised by the Management Team and requested in writing a minimum of 5 days prior to requirement.

8.6- It is the OGC members responsibility to ensure compliance of all the Clubs local rules, handicap restrictions or restrictions on time of play.

8.7- Only one member may reserve the tee with the club, all subsequent members joining that group must add their names to the booked tee time. Subsequent members are not required to call the club to advise them of their intention to join an existing tee time.

8.8- Members may not request other OGC members to remove their names from a tee. No member can be denied a right to insert his or her name on any tee booking created on the web-site if they are in line with the handicap and course imposed restrictions. A member must not be approached (by whatever means) with a view to seek the removal of his or her name from an existing tee booking.

8.9- Failure to remove your name from a tee when not playing or booking tee times to block the reservation will result in disciplinary action and your membership may/will be terminated.

8.10Note: As week-ends are usually busy for tee-time bookings and to give everyone a fair chance to play on all the courses in the OGC portfolio, the system is designed such that a member will not be able to book and play on the same course on two consecutive week-ends. Our fair use policy restricts members from booking certain courses on consecutive weeks/weekends . These courses may change from time to time and are at the sole discretion of OGC Board.

8.10- Fair usage policy. OGC operate a fair usage policy in accordance with the portfolio courses. Members may not continually reserve tee times at the same course. If a member is deemed to be over playing any single course on the portfolio he or she may be asked to remove their name to allow other members to also play. Repeated offence of the fair usage policy will result in the termination of the membership.


9.1- Any cancellation of a tee time must be adjusted on the website 2 hours prior to the tee time. Abuse of the tee time reservation service may result in the management team refusing the member further reservations until the matter has been investigated and resolved. Members must advise all playing partners of their intention to cancel a reservation made at least 1 hour prior to the said tee time. Repeat offenders may have their rights to make further tee reservations revoked until such time the matter is resolved.

9.2- The OGC website automatically tracks and records the entire tee –time usage. This data helps OGC when negotiating the renewal terms with the various golf courses. It is vital that Each and EVERY booking must be entered on the website. Any cancelled/unused Tees must be removed from the OGC Booking system and cancelled with the golf club. (failure to do this may result you not being allowed to use the tee time)


10.1 – Handicapping for the purpose of playing a portfolio club with maximum handicap restrictions can only be determined by the portfolio club the member wishes to play. Please note that if you do not currently have an official golf club handicap or a society handicap then it may be necessary for you to undergo a golf skills and etiquette assessment and it may be further necessary for you to take supervised golf lessons at a nominated golf club in our portfolio. Certain OGC private golf clubs on the portfolio are likely to impose minimum handicap requirements. In the event that your handicap does not meet the set criteria, you will be restricted in playing those courses. You will however have many other courses available to choose from. Handicap restrictions for courses may change during the subscription year and therefore, members may be restricted from play during a subscription year if they fail to meet the handicap restriction. Members wishing to terminate their OGC membership as they fail to meet the handicap requirement will be offered a pro rata refund less £100 administration charge, unless there are no alternative courses without a handicap restriction available for play in which case the administration charge will be waived.

10.2 – Subject to future implementation the following will apply- Internal matches, handicaps via the matrix system or friendly matches may not be used for official handicapping. Monthly OGC competition participation is allowable for handicapping if the competition is a qualifying match for handicapping purposes. OGC will notify if an event is qualifying for handicapping purposes. For qualifying handicaps the member must return the scorecard as required by the Team Leader or Handicap Secretary if appointed.

10.3- Playing on a course with a handicap restriction below the members disclosed and approved handicap will result in disciplinary action. The member may be requested for proof of the handicap by the club or the management. Failure to provide the relevant certification will require the member to cease play on portfolio courses until certification has been provided. Members may request a handicap assessment by contacting who will arrange the required handicap assessment and certification. Handicap assessments and certifications can only be conducted at OGC approved courses. Members may be required to attend compliance/improvement lessons if management deems necessary or in the event of dispute. Handicaps will not be changed by verbal agreement or letter unless accompanied by the approved official CONGU handicap certificate.


11.1- The member will make themselves available at the course 15 minutes prior to the allotted tee time to enable the course officials adequate time to manage tee reservations and avoid undue delay.

11.2 – The member must first report to the professional shop and present their photo identification card as a member of the Club and request their pre-arranged tee time. If the member is unable to provide a valid photo ID card upon request then the full green fee is payable prior to tee off.


12.1- A Member of the Board, Team Leader or the Course Steward may require a Club Member, guest or visitor to leave the Club if such a Club Member, guest or visitor is in breach of these Club Rules or the Regulations as published.

12.2- The Board may reprimand, suspend, expel or impose any other form of restriction of Club privilege on any Club Member if in their opinion the conduct of that Club Member,  contradicts any Rule and Regulation or is or has been or is likely to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of the Club or whose conduct is likely to endanger the welfare, unanimity and good order of the Club. The Board conduct fact-finding enquiries before taking such action if they think it appropriate.

12.3- Any Director, Team Leader or Club Member of the Club may bring the attention of the Board to any action indicated above where, in their view, the Club’s rules have been disregarded.

12.4 – A disciplinary committee appointed by the Board may, if they deem it appropriate, summon a Member to appear before them to answer any case against them. At such an interview the person against whom the allegation has been made may be accompanied if they so wish by a fellow Member or colleague to assist with establishing the facts of any case.

12.5- All Club Members in such circumstances should be afforded reasonable opportunity to submit in writing, verbally or both, at his or her option, an explanation of his or her conduct.

12.6- Any appeal against the committee’s decision must be in writing to the Directors within 14 days and an appeal committee shall be appointed to review the matter. The Board’s final decision shall leave no claim against the Club.

12.7- A Club Member who is expelled shall forfeit all the privileges of membership and all rights against the Club for all time and shall not thereafter be admissible to the Club membership or events either as a guest or otherwise. Any Member expelled has no right to the return of any subscriptions.

12.8- A Club Member who is suspended shall forfeit all of the privileges of membership and all rights against the Club for the period of that suspension.

12.9-If One Golf Club terminates your membership the Club will provide you with a written notice. In the circumstances below, we will refund any amount paid by you to us, for the Membership, for any period of the Membership Year that you will no longer be a Member of the Club. An administration fee of £100 will also be deducted from the refund. Refund of pro rata subscriptions will only be made once the membership card and any other property of OGC is returned. Immediate termination will apply to but are not exclusive to:

  • You fail to maintain the standard and pace of play required by the concept
  • Your standard of play is deemed unsatisfactory to continue the membership
  • You share any sensitive information with any other person including your passwords, log in details or club emails sent to you individually

The following breach of rules will result in immediate termination WITH NO REFUND of subscriptions paid:

  • You fail to observe any rules on guest policy/handicap/payments/etiquette/safety
  • You allow another member or non member playing privileges to the OGC concept without prior written consent from OGC
  • Failure to observe the rules of the portfolio clubs or its officials.


13.1- Guests (when allowed) are only permitted whilst playing with at least one OGC member. Guests are permitted on our profiled courses according to the guest registration form. Guest policies on all portfolio courses may change during the membership term as determined by OGC Board.

13.2- Green fees for guests are payable to the courses direct at the OGC agreed rates. Guest bookings can only be requested between 5 days and 48 hours of the date/time required. Each member initially will be entitled to 6 guests a year. No one guest can play as a guest more than 5 times

13.3- The playing OGC member is responsible for the guest adhering to applicable OGC terms and conditions on the day AND courses terms and conditions.

13.4- Other OGC members still entitled to join tees where there are guests. Handicap restrictions on existing courses apply for guests. Abuse of the guest policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

13.5- If you have a requirement for a society/corporate and larger group, please contact the Golf Concierge on 020 3255 2030 or email and we will endeavour to arrange that for you using our preferential rates and discounts.

13.6- Please use the form below for guest registration(when guests are permitted).

OGC guest registration form


14.1- All Club Members whether in the Club, on the course or representing the Club elsewhere shall comply with the highest standards of conduct and shall do nothing likely to bring the Club into disrepute. All Members must conform to all published Rules regarding standards of dress and behaviour as defined from time to time by the Golf Club or the Board. Failure to conduct oneself to an acceptable level of social behaviour will result in disciplinary action. All golf rules and golf etiquette must be complied with at all times including the golf dress code and any local golf club rules. All OGC members must be well behaved and be courteous to fellow OGC members, golf club staff and any other golfers or visitors on site.


15.1- Subscriptions for all categories of membership are due on 15th April each year at the rate agreed by the Board. Each Member will be notified by the Club of the fees due in their respective categories. The Board may on occasions allow some form of dispensation or special terms over payment (including staggered, credit, non-payment or return of subscription) as the circumstances demand but on application from the Club Member. The Board’s decision in such matters is final.

15.2- The entrance fee for new Club members of whatever category shall be the sum agreed by the Board.

15.3- Each member must return the current membership card prior to the next seasons membership card being issued.


16.1- The use of mobile phones and pagers are permitted on the golf course, clubhouse and surrounding areas in accordance with our partnered courses rules and regulations.

16.2- The only exception to the above are members of the medical profession and members of staff for the purposes of their work.


17.1- Neither the Club nor Board will be responsible for the loss or damage to any golf equipment The owners of such property will therefore be responsible for the safe keeping of their property at all times on partnered golf courses.

17.2- The Club will not be responsible for any accident or injury occurring to a Club Member, guest or visitor while in the Clubhouse, on the golf course or any part of the our partnered golf premises. Members are advised to refer to OGC Insurance policy for detailed breakdown of cover.


18.1- The Board will publish additional rules for competitions as and when required. All entrants must make themselves aware of these before the start of the match/competition.

18.2- All competitors must enter their names in the competition before the closing date. All competitors’ fees, when appropriate, must be paid before the closing date of the competition; otherwise the entry will not be accepted.

18.3- In knockout competitions it is the joint responsibility of each player/pair in the draw to arrange for the playing of the round within the pre-determined time period. Matches not concluded by the declared closing date for each round will result in all contestants being disqualified.

18.4- Extensions of time for individual matches will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, normally when the golf course has been closed for an extended period due to adverse ground conditions.


19.1- As previously stated, all competitors are jointly responsible for arranging matches. All need to be flexible in reaching mutually agreed dates for matches to be played. All matches must be played, or a result agreed, by the specified date and the winner’s names entered on the competition page of the website by the closing date. In any dispute on such issues the decision of the Board is final.


20.1- One Golf Club operates a fair usage policy. No member will single any one course for continual play. A member found to be in breach of the fair usage of OGC tees may be requested to remove their names from subsequent tee times at the portfolio course.

20.2- Failure to comply with fair usage of the OGC tee may result in termination of the membership.  The member shall forfeit all of the privileges of membership and all rights against the Club.


21.1- “Preferred Lies” rules are as published on the course notice board. If in doubt ask the professional shop for clarification.

21.2- Local Rules are as printed on our partnered golf course scorecards and published on the notice board of each associated course.


22.1- The Club and its officials reserve the right to amend, alter or add rules as they find appropriate and in the interest of the Club and its members.


23.1- Please click here to download the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited and The United States Golf Association


24.1- One Golf Club Management decisions are final and usage of the website and concept is acceptance of all terms and conditions of The Club.

24.2- Please click on the link below to accept:

I accept the One Golf Club membership terms and conditions

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